Welcome to my website
This site is the result of about 30 years (off and on) work on family trees on both sides of my family.  
This site is under construction, and probably will remain so for the rest of my life.  I have posted
information on almost all the families that are contained in my Ancestor Tree displayed below.   It is
my intention to continue to update and add information to the site as I am able to discover it.  
Hopefully, when I am no longer able to maintain it, someone will pick up the ball and run with it.
The objective of this site is historical.  My desire is that my children and grandchildren, in addition to all
living members of my extended family, will have access to their backgrounds and history.  I also want
the site to be something other than cold, hard facts, so I am attempting to personalize it as much as
possible.  I have endeavored to keep the posted information as accurate as possible, sometimes at
the expense of completeness.  Additionally, in order to protect their privacy, I have opted to withhold
information on living family members born after 1990.
Purkiss Families
I am Charles T. Purkiss, originally from Port Huron, Michigan, but currently
living in San Antonio, Texas.  Before leaving Port Huron back in 1961 to join
the Air Force, I was generally known as "Tom".  For about the past 40
years, most people know me as "Chuck".  I've been married since 1961 to
Carolyn "Pixie" Purkiss; we have four adult children and eight grandkids.
If any viewer of this site has information that would add to or correct what I have posted, I would really apreciate hearing from
you.  Please e-mail the additions/corrections to me at
My initial work was on the Purkiss family.  It was mostly done BI - that is Before Internet.  I spent
hundreds of hours at the Family History Center in Colorado Springs, dozens of hours in the St Clair
County Library, the St Clair and Samilac County Clerks offices, and more than a few hours traipsing  
around cemeteries.  I also hired a Professional Genealogist in England who specialized in Essex.  

Although I have also used the above resources for the rest of the families I've worked on, I am also
using the internet.  This gives me some concern, however, since its sometimes difficult to verify the
veracity of some people's research.  Never-the-less, I think its important to get this information
published and so here it is.
Support Our Troops
God Bless America!
This past summer (2011) we rented a huge cabin on Lake
Huron and spent a wonderful week with our kids, spouses,
and grandkids.  The kids also threw a 50th Anniversary Party
for us inviting our friends and relatives from the Port Huron
area.  Below is our latest "Grandkids" picture and was taken
during that week by Lynn on the back porch of the cabin.
Purkiss Grandkids - Summer 2011