Chaplin Story
Hugh Rowley Chaplin came to Massachusetts in 1638 from County York, England and was made a freeman in 1642.  He and his
wife settled in what became Rowley, Mass and had four sons.

Moses Chaplin, allegedly a Gt-Gt-Grandson of Hugh was born in Rowley in 1760.  His brothers were Jeremiah Chaplin, D.D., long
president of Waterville College, in Maine, and the Rev. Daniel Chaplin, D.D., who was the pastor of the Congregational Church,
Groton, Mass from Jan 1st, 1778 to at least 1830.  At the age of 16, Moses enlisted in the Army and was at Ticonderoga a short
time before it was surrendered to the British forces.  He later was at the taking of General Burgoyne at Saratoga, in October,
1777.  After his service, he returned to Rindge, NH and in 1781 married Mary Platts.  

The following are excerpts from a “History of Reading, Vt”, published in 1874.

“In the spring of 1782, Moses Chaplin with his wife removed to Reading (Vermont), the ninth family in the township. Mr Chaplin’s
residence in Reading extended through a period of twenty-six years.  There the family of ten children was born, eight of whom
attained to their majority.”    

“Mr Chaplin in his sojourn in Reading, if we may regard the testimony of his townsmen, was active in his endeavors to promote
the material interests and prosperity of the town.  He was much in public business as the numerous documents now in the
hands of the compiler (of this article), George W. Chaplin, would indicate, holding the offices of constable and collector, town
representative, justice of the peace, assessor, and county collector. His military record shows he was commissioned a captain
in the Seventh Regiment, in November, 1794, a major in 1798 and was colonel in command of the Third Regiment, First Brigade
and Fourth Division of Vermont Militia in 1800.”

Moses and Mary’s son Daniel moved from Vermont to Niagara County, New York, probably shortly after his marriage to Lucinda
Arnold in about 1809.  They had eight children and Daniel served as supervisor of the town of Hartland in 1833.  

Daniel and Lucinda’s fifth child, Thomas Jefferson Chaplin was born on the Ridge Road in Hartland in 1817.  He married
Sindonea Green Richardson and they had eight children.  Their oldest was William A. Chaplin.  William was my family’s
connection with the Chaplin family as he married Lorinda Lucritia Welsher, my paternal grandmother’s aunt.  The Welshers and
the Chaplins lived almost directly across Ridge Road from each other in Hartland.  William and Lorinda’s eldest son Anson David
Chaplin bought his grandfather David Welsher’s farm in 1902.  
My family tie to the Chaplins was my Great Grand Aunt Lorinda Lucretia Welsher who married
William A Chaplin.  Even though there is a rather loose connection between the Chaplins and me, I
have included this family because they did play a role, albeit brief, in my life.  I also found their
family story to be quite interesting.
I recall visiting the old Welsher home on Ridge Road in Hartland, as a
pre-teen.  The home was still occupied by Anson Chaplin and his
family, with whom I stayed during my visit of several days.  His
second son, Arnold Chaplin, and his family occupied the old Chaplin
home across the road.  The eldest son, Mark Welsher Chaplin, at
that time lived elsewhere, but acquired the Welsher home upon the
death of his father in 1969.  He sold the home in 1988.

One of the pleasures of doing genealogy and traveling is being able
to meet with people and putting faces to names.  I had an
opportunity to visit with Mark and his beautiful wife Helen in
Lockport during the mid 1990s.  We drove out to the old Welsher
home and he introduced me to the new owners.  We also went to
the cemetery where I was able to photograph the Welsher family
plot.  Then we went to the County Fair, which happened to be taking
place that day.  It seemed like half the people there were old friends
of Mark and Helen.    

Although I never got to go back and see them again, we
communicated every Christmas with Helen until sometime before
death in 2006.  I don't think I every met more sincere and uplifting
Mark and Helen
May 1992