Devereaux Story
The Devereaux Story is quite complex and detailed, and is told quite nicely in other web sites to include and  For this reason, I won't attempt to recreate it here.  However, I
have included portions of their genealogy for two reasons.  The first is to highlight an anomaly, i.e., three siblings from the
Erastus Devereaux family married three siblings from the David  Welsher family.  The second reason is to enable any of my
female descendents to join the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), if they so desire, by pointing out the fact that one of
our ancestors has been documented as being a member of the New York State Militia during the Revolutionary War:
Roberts New York in Revolution (Page 105) ,
says "Jonathan Deverix (Devereaux) was a
soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was a
member of Captain Townsend's company
and Colonel Kilian Van Rensselaer's
Regiment, New York State Militia."
This is believed to be a photograph of
Epaphroditus Devereaux
1814 - 1892
Printed on the reverse of the Photograph is
W. F. Sawtell, Photographer,
Wellington, O
This would be
Epaphroditus and Sally Welsher Devereaux
Probably taken during the late 1870s to early 1880s
This is believed to be
William and Philenda Devereaux Welsher
Circa 1880
Sarah Ann Devereaux Welsher
My Great-Grandmother
Circa 1880