And the Search for Kaesemeyers
Gatersleben is a small village in the State of
Saxony-Anhalt  in Eastern Germany, about 100
miles southwest of Berlin.  It's current (2009)
population is about 3,200.  Agriculture and
Biotechnology and the mainstays of its economy,
and an auto parts factory in a nearby village also
We visited Gatersleben on Monday, August 24, 2009.  We met with
Pastor Holger Holtz of the only church in the village.  This is an
Evangelical Church with strong Lutheran leanings.  The church is
several hundred years old; however, only the front 1/3 (with the altar)
is original.  The rear 2/3 burned during the 1800s and was rebuilt.  Part
of the walls of the church building were constructed with building blocks
that date back to Roman times.  In the below pictures, Pastor Holtz is
pointing out these blocks and explaining the probably meanings.
In the pictures below, the Pastor,
his wife Friederike, a parishioner
Frau Christel Ducke, and I are
pouring over the books containing
birth, marriage, and death
information dating from the early
1800s.  Frau Ducke was key to
decyphering the old German script
in the journals.
To the left and right are the original Font and
Altar where Johann, Bertha, Julius, and
Sophie Luise were baptised.  Below are what
are probably the original keys to the church.

Two street scenes
Strasse in