Mom's 90th Birthday
Helen Augusta Ernst Purkiss was born February 8, 1917, in  Port Huron, Michigan to Theodore and Edna
Ernst.  She was raised in Port Huron, living most of her formative years on Wall Street, between 7th and 8th
Streets.   She graduated from Port Huron High School in 1936 and went to work at the Chrysler factory in
Marysville.  She married Charles Alanson "Charlie" Purkiss on October 29, 1938 in Flint, Michigan.  Charlie
was a partner with his dad and brother in a thriving Grocery and Meat Market.  Soon after the wedding,
Charlie and Helen adopted Normajean and in 1940, their first son Charles Thomas was born.  A short time
later, the Purkiss family moved into their new house at 1421 22nd Street.  Charlie was drafted into the Navy
in 1944, serving about a year and a half at the Navy Base in Sampson, New York before being discharged in
December 1945 and returning to his family and the business.  Their second son, Frederick George was
born in 1952; about six months later, Charlie had a heart attack and passed away.  Helen then went to work
at Sears, staying there until she retired.  She continued to live in Port Huron until 2001, when she moved to
San Antonio, Texas to be closer to family.

A surprise 90th birthday party was held on February 9, 2007 at the Holiday Inn in San Antonio.   To make the
event especially memorable, Normajean flew in from Florida and Fred and his whole family (kids and
grandkids) came in from California.

We didn't get a chance to throw a 91st party for her.  Mom passed away on Nov 28, 2007.
Helen at 1 1/2 years
with older sister Dorothy
Helen at maybe 5 yrs old
Circa 1922
Helen (front) with Dorothy and
Grandma Augusta Ernst
Circa 1925
Winter on Wall Street
Circa 1925
Also Circa 1925
Helen with Dorothy
Circa 1927
Helen with younger sister Lucille
Porch on Wall Street
High School Graduation
January 1936
Grandpa and Grandma Ernst's
50th Wedding Anniversary
March 1934
Helen is wearing the top from Grandma's
wedding dress
Glamor Shot at Aunt May and Uncle Art's
house in Detroit
Circa 1937
Charlie and Helen get married in Flint, MI
Oct 29, 1938
Photograph taken in 1944 for
Charlie to have at his Navy barracks
in Sampson, New York
Taken at corner of Purkiss
House on 22nd Street
Circa 1945
Helen, Charlie, and me
In front of Purkiss House on 22nd Street
After WW II
Circa 1946