Welsher Photos #1
David J. Welsher
1817 - 1897
Sarah Ann Devereaux Welsher
1819 - 1899
Edward Welsher
1853 -
David J. Welshers 1st Cousin
Jacob Welsher
1815 - 1884
David J. Welsher's Brother
Harvey Welsher
David J. Welsher's Brother
Mark D. Welsher
1862 - 1952
Son of David J. Welsher
Sarah E. "Sadie" Welsher
1873 - 1965
David J. Welsher's Granddaughter
My Grandmother
Photograph Circa 1880
Welsher Plot
Hartland, NY Cemetery
Welsher Family Reunion
Olcott Beach, New York
August 12, 1909
The photos on the two "Photos"  pages (except
for the reunion photo), and the ones on the two
"UnID Photos" pages are from the album,
pictured on the right, that my Grandmother
Sarah E. "Sadie" Welsher Purkiss had.  It is
believed that the album originally belonged to
her Grandmother Sarah Ann Devereaux
Welsher.  The album, made of embossed
leather with ornate brass hinges, is a typical of
the period (1860s),  These  albums were
designed to hold Carte de Visite (CDV)
photographs; CDVs were introduced into the US
in 1859 and became very popular during the
Civil War and into the 1880s.  The albums could
also hold the older "tintype" photos, as was the
case with the Welsher album.